Southern Saw Filers' Educational Association

Brad Harris


Miles Lumber Company - Bogalusa, LA

Paul Thompson

Two Year Director

U. S. Blades Corporation - Meridian, MS


Elected Officers

These Officers and Representatives
have been elected in
accordance with the current
by-laws of this association, and
by current members in attendance,
at the 2017 Annual Meeting which
was held in
West Monroe, Louisiana

on Saturday April 22, 2017.

Rick Campbell

Vendor Representative

Simonds International

Ralph Weber

Vice President

Westervelt Lumber Company - Moundville, AL

Debra Smith 


Smith Sawmill Service  - Timpson, TX


(Click on the links below to contact our elected Officers or Representative)

President...Brad Harris

Vice President...Ralph Weber

Secretary/Treasurer...Debra Smith

Vendor Representative...Rick Campbell

Two Year Director...Paul Thompson

Amendments made to the Association's "Amendments to Bylaws 2010" include: 2nd VP Position eliminated. 1 Year Director Position Eliminated. 3rd Year Director 

Position eliminated. To allow vendor members to serve as officers OTHER than our regularly elected president.  In the event our VP is a vendor member and

the elected president has to resign, the current VP will serve as interim president UNTIL the next annual meeting & election. The elimination of the 1yr

and 3yr director was approved by amendment. The position of 2yr director will be a two year term.  If the two year term is up and the SSEA President is not

re-elected, but is willing to continue serving on the board, then the outgoing President will serve as the 2 yr Director. (original bylaws)

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