Southern Saw Filers' Educational Association

Become a Sponsor Today

Are you a Vendor, Sawmill Supplier, Manufacturer, Dealer, Distributor, Independent Saw Filing Shop, or other?

Would you like the opportunity to get your name into the hands of saw filers and their employers? 

                        If you are interested in renting a space at this year’s event, please contact us as soon as possible! 

                           Sponsorship is minimal and covers your booth space and sponsorship for the entire weekend. 

                   YOUR sponsorship fees enable the SSEA to give away those valuable luncheon buffet coupons to our 

              participating members, and is a GREAT way to say “Thank You” for attending. Your sponsorship also enable 

          us to give away thousands of dollars in annual Scholarships to deserving, graduating Senior High School Students. 

                     This is an AWESOME way to present and promote your products and ideas to our saw filer members, 

                 advertise your goods and meet new people. It aids in getting the word out about YOUR products and services!

Vendor Hospitality Sponsors

As a Vendor Hospitality Sponsor, your fees help cover the cost of food and set up for the annual SSEA Hospitality function, as well as the Saturday luncheon buffet that attending vendors, saw filer members and their guests enjoy, free of charge. Vendor Hospitality Sponsorship Fees are $150 per vendor and entitle you to the following:

  • One FREE Table Display (to display and promote company literature and products)                 

  • Tables include two (2) chairs (additional chairs can be requested as needed)

  • Displays should take no longer than 30 - 90 min. to assemble and disassemble.

  • Select Invitation to the Annual Hospitality Function & Vendor Appreciation Dinner (Vendor Sponsors Only)

  • Select Invitation to the Annual Luncheon Buffet (includes Vendors, Members and Member Guests

Credit Card payments are accepted at the event or by phone prior to the event.


Fees cover hospitality function and luncheon. Members & Guests must have attendee badge to enter all events. 

All proceeds not used to cover the costs of meeting rooms, booking fees, food events and expenses of association will go 

toward the SSEA Annual Scholarship Fund.     

Email Debra Smith at or 

Debbie Hughes at or 



            Vendor Golf Sponsor

Vendor Golf Sponsorship is just $100 per hole, and allows a vendor to sponsor one or more golf holes during the Annual Golf Tournament. Any money received goes directly into the tournament sponsorship and is used for green fees, rental of clubs and equipment as well as prizes, which will be awarded during Saturday's event. Vendor Golf Sponsorship is OPTIONAL, but affords the vendor another unique and interesting way to advertise and promote their businesses. Vendors are encouraged to sponsor and participate in our Annual Golf Tournament, and fees are only $70 per player. The golf tournament is held annually on Friday, and enables saw filer members and vendors alike the chance to get together and hit the course. Competitive play in a beautiful and natural setting and hours of shared fun, always results in players returning with funny anecdotes about their day. Prizes are awarded every year, during and/or after the tournament, and are directly based on golf sponsorship. 

If you have any questions concerning our golf tournament, 

please contact Paul Thompson at

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